When Marconi and Sarnoff built radio in America it was the genius, talent and inspiration of native Buffalo broadcast engineers like Carl Hoffman and Ralph Kingsley who were among the first in America to build an experimental radio station and put Buffalo on the air in 1922, making it one of the first top 10 cities in America to have radio. Buffalo was then one of the first major cities in America to have its own TV station in 1948.

As one of the first major media markets Buffalo quickly gave birth to a legion of hometown talent that soon acquired national fame. Let’s just drop a few names: Foster Brooks, Fran Striker and his Lone Ranger, Buffalo Bob Smith who created Howdy Doody, Jack Paar, Bill Mazer, Tim Russert, Wolf Blitzer, Mark Russell, Don Criqui, and Ron Jaworski.

The Buffalo Broadcasters Association has a 60+ year collection of ephemera and tapes that provide the full history and development of the industry and is embarking upon the Archive project to register and digitize all files for the future.  We’ll have more information on the Archive project as we progress in 2016.



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