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The Buffalo Experience will display memorabilia and artifacts in exhibits equipped with state of the art technology to provide visitors an incredible cutting edge experience.

Exhibits will fall into three categories: (i) permanent exhibits, (ii) temporary exhibits, and (iii) the Hall of Fame.

Permanent Exhibits.

As the central attraction of the main display areas, the permanent exhibits will host the most important parts of the sports, music and broadcast memorabilia collections of the four founding organizations.

Temporary Exhibits.

These exhibits will be focused on the collections of the many other cultural organizations from WNY that may not have a facility to tell their story and display their collections. Temporary exhibits may also include loaned collections from national museums related to sports, music and media (The Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, Pro Football Hall of Fame, and The Newseum). These exhibits will create sustainability for the Buffalo-Niagara Hall of Fame, and will also provide opportunities for sponsors to show their support for the Buffalo-Niagara Hall of Fame’s programs and mission, gaining additional income streams.

The Hall of Fame.

This section will contain video presentations, available on demand in kiosks, highlighting the careers of more than 400 inducted members of the sports, music and broadcast halls of fame.

The Buffalo Experience Theater – to use for museum functions leased out for book signings, comedy and music performances, and student workshops.

The Student Learning Area – Dedicated to highly interactive exhibits designed primarily for education. Activities in the student area will be designed to introduce children to various aspects of music, sports and media and to spark their interest in music, sports and broadcast career possibilities.

Style Matters where anyone can listen to a simple song like “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” in its traditional mode or as a jazz, salsa or symphonic tune.

The Buffalo Experience Hall of Fame Radio Station – where students and retired personalities can work together to produce radio interviews and shows that can be broadcast on a leased carrier. This station would become a source of information for events in our region.

You Make the Call while watching a sports clip in a working press box and order a souvenir video via email. Fans will be able to relive their favorite sports memories with the touch of a finger. The exhibit will feature a 10-foot high historical graphic display.

Other kiosks will feature interactive games that can be played using modern technology similar to Nintendo’s Wii computer system. Participants will be able to simulate driving a golf ball, shooting the winning three-pointer at the buzzer, hitting a 100-mph fastball, blasting a winning slap-shot past the goalie, or kicking the winning field goal.

The Sound Lab invites your inner musician to come out and play! You can learn a guitar lick, mix a platinum record or perform for an audience of thousands via our electronic simulation booths. The Sound Lab is brimming with the latest in musical gear and audio technology. Its unique interactive multimedia will guide visitors through an exploration of the tools of rock ‘n’ roll–electric guitars, drums, samplers, mixing consoles and more.

What’s the big deal about digital recording? How do guitar players get such different sounds from each other? Can an audio engineer really fix it in the mix?

Technology has played a huge role in the creation of the sounds of pop music, whether in the recording studio or on the bandstand. Find out more from interactive exhibits that explain the recording process, amps, samplers, effects pedals and microphones.

The Buffalo Experience will initially require 20,000 to 50,000 square feet of space for its exhibits and support. The exhibits and displays will be dynamic, entertaining, hands-on and interactive – to impart knowledge, while at the same time creating a sense of fun and adventure.

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