The Halls of Fame


Collaboration is the Key


The Buffalo Music Hall of Fame

The Buffalo Music Hall of Fame has a vast array of musical memorabilia including signed albums, posters and promotional materials.  In addition, the music collection includes clothing, musical instruments and personal memorabilia from Buffalo’s many locally relevant and nationally prominent artists. From Harold Arlen’s, Somewhere Over the Rainbow lyrics to Rick James’ funky outfits, to Goo Goo Dolls signed guitars, the story of Buffalo music memorabilia is a comprehensive collection of Buffalo’s best.

The array of memorabilia includes collectibles from prominent Buffalo artists such as Big Wheelie and the Hubcaps, Grover Washington, Jr., 10,000 Maniacs, and many others. The collection also has concert memorabilia telling the story of famous Buffalo concerts including Elvis’s gold suit appearance at the Memorial Auditorium, the Who’s first post-Cincinnati tragedy performance, and Bruce Springsteen’s final live performance (to date) with the E Street Band.



The Buffalo Broadcasters Association

The Buffalo Broadcasters Association maintains a huge treasure trove of film archives from local news stations spanning from the early ‘60s through the ‘80s.  They are in the process of digitizing this film, which will be used in multiple exhibits and displays telling the story of Buffalo. From the closing of the Lackawanna steel mills to the rebirth of the waterfront.  From the rise of notable Buffalo broadcasters and entertainers, such as Buffalo Bob Smith, Mark Russell, Ramblin’ Lou, Houndog Lorenz to the prominence of Buffalo broadcast personalities Paul Maguire, Don Criqui, Wolf Blitzer, and Tim Russert.  The History of Buffalo will be broadcast in exhibits featuring vintage television sets and radios.

We have an extensive broadcasting and entertainment memorabilia collection. This includes old broadcasting equipment used during the ‘40s through the ‘80s. Vintage videotape machines, reel-to-reel tape machines, cassette players, and cameras.

The Buffalo Niagara Hall of Fame will have a working radio station where students and retired personalities can work together to produce radio interviews and shows that can be broadcast on a leased carrier. This station would become a source of information for downtown events. A visitor could call a famous Buffalo sporting event while watching the clip in a working press box and receive video from their announcing debut via email.



The Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame

Incorporated as a non-profit organization, the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame (GBSHF) group began meeting regularly in 1991, putting together plans for an inaugural induction dinner, creating a nomination form, distributing them to Western New York sports fans, tabulating results and announcing the first class of 11.  In 2017, the 27th class was inducted into the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame.

The GBSHF also hosts the Amateur Sports Development Fund; the New Era Student Athletic Scholarship Program and has an exhibit located in the pavilion area of the First Niagara Center (formerly HSBC Arena), just outside the Sabres Store.


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